• is India’s fastest growing Matrimony portal, its 2-Way matching engine and social referral capabilities making it the most efficient solution provider for the marriage profile selection. is used by many candidates and Conditions that the users must agree and adhere to. One of the primary objectives of these Terms and Conditions is to discourage and prevent misuse and fraud. We have observed that from time to time, fake Matrimony postings are listed online and non-existing Matrimony offers are sent via email to illegally collect personal information and/or money from unsuspecting Matrimony users.
Here are some tips to help you deal with suspicious Matrimony offers, Links or mails:
Reporting Fraud:

If you see a questionable Matrimony Posting or any potential misuse of the site or its brand, please report the suspected fraud to at If you think you have been a victim of fraud, immediately report the committed fraud to, so that the required steps can be taken for your safety.

To reduce the practice of fraudulent usage of information over the Internet, we want our users to be aware of the most common kinds of Internet fraud. There are two types of email scams – 'phishing' and 'spoofing'. In both the cases, the 'from address' is forged to make it appear as if it came from a source that it actually did not come from.